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Isolation Gown

Woven materials are mainly used for the processing of reused medical protective clothing, including traditional woven fabrics, high-density fabrics, coated fabrics and laminated fabrics. 

The traditional machine owner is made of cotton fiber or polyester and other synthetic fiber and cotton blended yarn, which has good comfort and is mainly used for daily work clothes (white coats). 

High-density fabric is woven by the use of high-density cotton yarn or other ultra-fine synthetic fiber filament, the yarn gap is very small, because of the capillary effect of the fiber and moisture permeability, after fluorocarbon, silicone and other water-proofing agent treatment has a certain degree of anti-liquid permeability, mainly used in the need of a better waterproof effect of the surgical clothing materials. 

Coated and laminated fabrics are used to enhance the impermeability of the material and are used in harsh protective clothing materials. It is processed by coating, the surface is closed by coating agent, it has anti-permeability, the hydrophilic group in the coating or the special method to form a microporous structure to ensure the moisture permeability of the fabric. 

Laminating fabric is the fabric and a layer of special film (such as microporous film, polyurethane moisture permeable film, etc.) by laminating process composite together, such as ptfe super waterproof moisture permeable composite fabric.

Because the micropore aperture of the main membrane of the fabric is much smaller than the diameter of water droplets, it can prevent the infiltration of blood, body fluids, etc., the porosity of the micropores is higher than the diameter of water vapor molecules, the water vapor molecules can freely pass through, so the moisture permeability is better.



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